Frequently Asked Questions

What is Insurance?

It is a contract where an insurer agrees in consideration of money paid to him, called premium, by a person called the insured, to indemnify the insured against losses he (insured) would incur on the happenings of certain events.

How does insurance work?
Is insurance not a waste of money?
Do you accept payments in installments?
Do insurance companies pay claims?
If a claim occurs, what can I do?
How promptly does RegencyNem Insurance Plc settle claims?
In case of an accident what does RegencyNem require me to do?
What is the difference between comprehensive and third-party insurance?
What makes RegencyNem better than any other Insurance Companies?
What are your compulsory insurance?
Who is an insured?
Who is a third party?
What is an insurance policy?
What is indemnity?